Nosy Sea Turtle Will Make You Love Him

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In a video posted by Jezebel, a curious sea turtle aggressively pokes his way around what he seems to deem an out-of-place scuba diver to see what he is up to. At first, he lunges his shelled body toward the diver, scaring him from behind. Then, his "shell is broken," and after a few friendly pats on the head and rubs on the belly, the sea turtle thinks to himself, "I could get used to this." Still, he won't let this scuba diver go that easily. He nibbles on his suit and flaps around the human intruder. Eventually, the turtle lets the diver be. Perhaps this sea turtle was not just trying to be nosy, but attempting to court the diver, as well? According to eHow, courtship involves gentle nuzzling and bites to the neck and flippers. We see right through you, sea turtle! We hope you find the perfect mate to allow you to force your love on them.

Not So Friendly Sea Creatures:

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