33-Ton Aquarium Bursts in Mall, Showering Crowds with Live Sharks

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You thought you were safe from shark attacks at the mall? Think again! According to the Daily Mail U.K., a 33-ton tank at the Shanghai Orient shopping center in China broke open, spilling out shards of glass, torrents of water and lemon sharks onto visitors.

The aquarium burst without warning into the mall, injuring 15 people. Most of those injured suffered cuts and bruises from the broken glass that spilled out of the tank. Some of the lemon sharks, turtles and fish that lived in the aquarium were also hurt.

Police are unsure why the 15-centimeter-thick glass of the tank gave way, but believe the sudden drop in temperature in Shanghai may have affected the glass. The shocking accident was caught on camera by CCTV. The footage shows those surrounding the tourist attraction fleeing as the aquarium broke open and flooded the area.

This is not the first time the tank has experienced problems. Earlier this year, a pipe in the aquarium ruptured, killing two sharks. An official from the shopping center stated that after this accident, the facility does not plan to rebuild the aquarium.

In a time where extreme and unusual aquariums are gaining popularity, it is important to see this accident as an example of the work and care that tanks and their animal occupants require. With shows like "Tanked" on Animal Planet transforming everyday objects into aquariums, the idea of getting a tank of your own may seem appealing.

Before purchasing or constructing your own aquarium, it is important to make sure your home is prepared for the change. Tanks can pose a risk to children and other pets, and these family members can also accidentally harm the fish. Fish can be harmed by the lotions and soaps you put on your skin, as well cleaning products that get into the air. Aquarium owners should pay attention to the products they use on themselves and in their home. Aquariums are more demanding than the fish bowl that many of us had as kids; they require constant care and expensive equipment. All good things to remember before making your decision.

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