Siberian Elephants Saved by Vodka

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We've all heard of human beer coats, but elephant vodka jackets? According to The Daily Mail UK, a Russian circus trainer was able to save two of his elephants from freezing to death by giving them each an infusion of vodka.

Magda and Jenny, aged 45 and 48, were ordered to evacuate from their trailer that went ablaze in the middle of a Siberian highway. The elephant pair was able to escape unharmed, but were freezing due to the subzero temperatures.

Their trainer Leonid Labo knew he had to do something. That's when the crazy idea struck him: vodka. Labo diluted 10 liters of the Russian alcohol in warm water for the elephants. Before they were served the vodka concoction, the elephants went on a jog to get their blood circulating again.

Novosibisk zoo director Rostislav Shilo believes that the vodka saved the animals from frostbite and pneumonia and did not harm or intoxicate them.

However, according to scientists, alcohol can make you feel warmer, but it actually lowers the body's core temperature. It could increase your chances of getting hypothermia. Still, it worked for Magda and Jenny. According to news agency RIA Novosti, the elephants seemed to like their makeshift cocktail. "They roared like it was the jungle ... They must have been happy."

The elephants were treated for frostbite on the tips of their ears.

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What is a human beer coat???

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Apparently we've all heard of them...

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