Mother Finds 7 Deadly Vipers in Her 3-Year-Old Son's Wardrobe

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For an Australian woman and her 3-year-old son, seven was an unlucky number. According to the Daily Mail U.K., Donna Sim discovered seven deadly Eastern brown snakes living in her son's wardrobe.

Sim was bewildered by how the reptiles got there, until she remembered the snake eggs her son, Kyle Cumming, found several weeks earlier. Kyle stored the eggs in a container after finding them, and apparently he tucked it away in his dresser.

Wildlife experts say that it is good that Sim found the snakes before they grew too large. Eastern brown snakes are the world's second deadliest species. After a few more days, the snakes would have been able to break out and potentially deliver a fatal bite.

Sim was the one to give Kyle the container to keep the eggs, but didn't think of the incident again until she found the snakes. According to TODAY Australia, after the dangerous discovery, Sim and her son carefully took the snakes to a sanctuary to be released back into the wild.

"He is extremely lucky that his mother found them before he opened up the container and played with them," North Queensland Wildlife Care reptile co-ordinator Trish Prendergast told the Townsville Bulletin. "Otherwise, he may not be with us today."

While encountering a poisonous snake may seem unlikely to some, venomous snakes are found in the wild throughout the world. To protect you and your children, it is important to leave any snake you find alone and to stay on hiking paths and out of tall grass. Always be cautious when climbing and picking up firewood. If someone is bitten, wash the bite with soap, immobilize the bitten area and keep the wound lower than the heart. Get medical help immediately for further assistance. Do not use ice, tourniquets, electric shock or incisions to treat the wound. All of these methods could worsen the situation.

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