Treatment for Deadly Jellyfish Stings Discovered

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According to MNN, a new treatment may have been discovered that can take the sting out of the box jellyfish's deadly poison.

The study found that a zinc-based compound was able to prevent death in mice that was injected with the jellyfish's venom. If the compound is found to work in larger animals, it could one day be used in humans.

A topical version of the zinc-compound has already been tested. It was used to reduce the pain of a jellyfish sting Diana Nyad received in August when she swam 103 miles between Florida and Cuba.

Box jellyfish, also known as sea wasps, can typically be found in coastal waters off Northern Australia throughout the Indo-Pacific region. Their venom is known to be one of the deadliest in the world. It can stop the heart, nervous system and skin cells from working. When attacked, humans typically go into shock and drown from heart failure.

The new study suggest that the zinc helps to prevent the blood cells from creating potassium. If similar results are concluded in future studies, the compound could then be used to treat surfers and swimmers who are attacked by the deadly jellyfish.


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