World Record: Lioness Gives Birth to Eight Cubs

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This lioness was obviously meant to be a mama. According to the Daily Mail U.K., a lion at an animal park in Zimbabwe gave birth to a record-breaking eight cubs, even though the new mom was on birth control.

Pasha the lioness was put on a contraceptive pill to control her breeding after she gave birth to two cubs earlier this year. But something went awry, because now the park has eight new lions - and Pasha has her paws full.

Lions usually give birth to two to four cubs at a time, so a record-breaking eight babies surprised everyone. Officials believe the contraceptive pill may have backfired and caused the higher cub count.

Vets are showering Pasha and her brood with plenty of love and care. The mom is getting an extra nutrition boost to help her recover from the strenuous birth, while her babies are getting bottle-fed by the park's staff.

"We are suckling them from the bottle each time they wake up from sleep. They still need a lot of milk and warmth, and we are keeping an eye on them every minute," a zoo worker told the Daily Mail U.K. about the cubs' care.

Before the lioness produced her amazing litter, the record was held by a lioness in China who had six cubs. Lion experts don't see Pasha getting beat out any time soon.


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