Darwin the IKEA Monkey Has New Home, But Owner Wants Him Back

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After popping up at a Canadian Ikea this weekend, a small monkey in a shearling coat has captivated the hearts and curiosity of the World Wide Web. Now everyone wants to know what's next for the stylish shopper? According to The Province, Darwin the monkey has been seized from his owner and moved to a primate sanctuary in Ontario.

The 7-month-old Rhesus macaque shot to international attention when he slipped out of his owner's car and began perusing the aisles of a nearby Ikea in his diaper and coat. Darwin was quickly spotted by shoppers, who spread the news of the sighting through social networks.

Darwin's owner was eventually located and fined by Toronto Animal Services for keeping the illegal pet. The officials also seized the monkey and checked him into his new home.

"We were relieved that he was coming to a place where his needs are going to be met first," sanctuary founder Sherri Delaney told The Province.

While Darwin is getting settled, his owner Yas-min Nakhuda pleaded with the media to have her pet returned. Nakhuda believes that Darwin cannot live without her and sees her as his mother.

Workers at the sanctuary do not doubt that Nakhuda loved Darwin, but say there is no way she could be providing the animal with the care it truly needs. Monkeys like Darwin require constant stimulation and contact. To meet these needs, the sanctuary is placing Darwin with several other monkeys, including a motherly macaque.

Officials who moved the monkey said the animal was in good condition when they took him out of the Ikea, but that it was obvious the overwhelming store proved to be a stressful place for him. For now, the world will have to wait to get fashion advice from Darwin until after he settles into and adjusts to his new home.


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