Monkey in Fancy Coat Roams Ikea

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Holiday shoppers at a Canadian Ikea store could not believe their eyes when they saw a monkey roaming alone in the parking lot and foyer of the store. This bizarre scene was all the more surreal as the rhesus monkey was sporting a shearling coat. As cute as the image may seem, critics wonder why someone would own an exotic pet, much less bring the animal on a shopping trip.

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Reports suggest that the monkey looked frightened and unsure of where to go. He remained in the foyer of the store until animal control officers arrived. The animal's owner came forward later in the day and was reunited with the monkey.

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How did the monkey get inside the Ikea store? The animal let himself out of a cage from his owner's car and wandered through the parking lot before making his way inside the store lobby. The owner was later charged with possessing an exotic animal, and signed the monkey over to Toronto Animal Services.

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The healthy seven-year-old monkey is currently in a sanctuary, and officials are looking for an appropriate home, according to Toronto's The Star.

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