James Cameron Expedition Finds Weird Deep-Sea Life

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According to CBS News, famed filmmaker James Cameron has embarked upon a deep sea expedition that could unlock clues to the origin of life on Earth. Cameron's Deepsea Challenger expedition has made dives into the New Britain Trench and the Mariana Trench in the southwest region of the Pacific Ocean. Samples and video were collected by an umanned lander, which were later presented to an audience on Tuesday at the American Geophysical Union's annual meeting.

Cameron had the opportunity to take a trip inside a foam-encased steel sphere, aptly named the Deepsea Challenger. The filmmaker dove alongside two unmanned seafloor landers which had bait attached underneath. This lured tiny seafloor creatures.

According to Cameron, the view of the bottom looked something like the moon, but was quite bleak. Still, the expedition discovered never-before-seen sea animals species and deep-sea mats. The biggest species that was found was a type of sea cucumber called holothurian.

The high-definition footage captured close-up images of not just the world's deepest sea life, but also the planet's oldest sea floor, at 180 million years old.

"These deep-sea trenches are places where life might have emerged on Earth. These mysteries need to be unraveled. Hopefully, we will dive again," said Cameron.


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