Cobra Bites Man Aboard Commercial Flight in Egypt

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According to CNN, a cobra smuggled aboard an Egypt Air flight from Cairo to Kuwait managed to slither out of its crate, bite a man and force an emergency landing.

An Egypt Air official said that the 48-year-old passenger who brought the scaly friend along owned a reptile shop in Kuwait. He reportedly tried to sneak the Egyptian cobra in a carry-on bag and could not contain it underneath his seat, so it bit him and escaped.

After the plane made an emergency landing in Al Ghardaqa, an Egyptian resort town, officials brought the bitten passenger to receive medical treatment, but he refused. He claimed that the wound was only superficial. But according to doctors, anyone who gets bitten by a cobra should be treated immediately.

Wildlife experts say that the venom of a cobra is so deadly that it can kill a fully grown elephant in three hours and a human in 15 minutes.


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