Foxes Spotted in Paris Streets

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It is a well-known fact that foxes roam the streets of London, but Paris? According to The Connexion, these sly and beautiful creatures have been seen wandering France's capital, around the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Place de la République.

For over a decade, no foxes have made an appearance in Paris. In the 1990s, they were cleared from the streets, due to an anti-rabies campaign and the increase of urbanization.

However, the city's residents are now complaining about the foxes getting into their trash and households. Food Industry Minister Guillaume Garot speculates that at least 20 kg of food is thrown out by each person in France. This high quantity of uneaten bread, vegetable scraps and more are what attract the foxes at night.

Still, foxes are few and far between in Paris. Ecological researchers speculate that no more than 15 of them are in the capital. And while it may be annoying to some residents, Philippe Jacob, head of the new Observatoire Parisien de la Biodiversité, believes that their return proves a healthy ecosystem in the city.

Photographer Snaps Pics of Rare, Elusive Silver Fox:

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