Lucy Takes San Francisco

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When I write that I was dog-tired after my September travels, I'm not trying to be my usual cute self. I really was! So I sat out October to get to know San Francisco after moving here in June. You know how sometimes you never do the touristy things in your own city? I didn't want to be one of those San Franciscans. The City by the Bay is one of the prettiest cities in this country and it would be a shame for me to let it go to waste. It's been such an exciting time for San Francisco, with America's Cup in October, and then the Giants winning the World Series.

Because I went to Arizona to see the Giants in spring training, I'd like to think they won the championship for me, their newest fan. The big event for canines was San Francisco Animal Care & Control's Pet Pride Day in Golden Gate Park's Sharon Meadow. So many dogs wore Halloween costumes! I even saw a pet bird! I hear there are more dogs than children in San Francisco, which doesn't surprise me, considering the amount of pee-mail messages I read on my thrice-daily walks through my scenic Pacific Heights neighborhood.

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There are some pretty steep hills in my 'hood and one day, I trotted down the Fillmore Street steps. I eventually ended up at Crissy Field, where canines gather daily and romp freely. That didn't interest a lap dog like me. But I did want to see the paw print plaque underneath the famous Hopper's Hands plate under the Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Point. I was so bummed when I got there and saw the plaque was too high for me to touch. Oh well.

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On my way home, I pranced down Union Street and discovered Cheengoo, now my new fave pet boutique. And not just because the owner Liz Paik gives me treats every time I stop by. I feel so at home in the cozy store - probably because it's so chic, just like me!

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Restaurants are a big part of life in San Francisco. Because the weather has been so nice, the patios are full of dogs at their owners' feet, especially at Betelenut and Chouquet's, where I'm now a regular. There's still so much for me to see and do in San Francisco. I hope to ride a cable car and see Fisherman's Wharf before I head to Scottsdale for Thanksgiving.

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