Samsung Pulls Controversial YouTube Ad Depicting Computer 'Puppies' Being Smashed

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Adorable dogs and computers are usually a great combination, but not when smashing is involved. According to the L.A. Times, Samsung has pulled a YouTube ad depicting computer "puppies" being smashed, after receiving a large amount of negative feedback.

The controversial commercial, entitled "Don't Give Up On Puppy Love," shows computer screens complete with animated puppy faces and paws. In the ad, the owners of these adorable devices get frustrated with their computers' constant crashes, and take out their anger on the screen. Puppy computers are shown being tossed, smashed and shot by users who can't handle another tech problem.

One computer user finally brings an end to the violence, upgrading his puppy PC with Samsung's SSD 840, a solid state storage drive. The new addition allows the computer to run better, and for man and his tech dog to be best friends again.

Samsung was trying to show that you would never trash a puppy if problems cropped up, and there is no reason to do the same to the computer. Unfortunately, many viewers did not take the ad that way. The YouTube ad received enough frustrated and disgusted comments that Samsung decided to pull the commercial. We don't know if we will ever look at our computer the same way again.

Poor Puppy! Dog Grooming Disaster:

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