Orca and Dog Have Close Encounter

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Now that Willy is free, it looks like he is trying to make new friends. As seen in this YouTube video, a killer whale tried to get close to a Labrador playing in the surf of a New Zealand beach.

During a routine dip for a free diver and his dog, four orca whales came strangely close to the shore of Mathenson Bay. Not wanting to interfere with the marine animals, which included a mother and her calf, the diver carefully moved to some nearby rocks to give the whales space.

The diver's dog, lost in a game of fetch, was not as perceptive. This allowed one of the orcas to give the canine quite a shock, surfacing right next to the dog. While the whale seemed interested in getting closer to his furry new friend, the dog decided the brief meeting was over and made a beeline back to land. Sadly, this is one unusual animal friendship we will never see prosper.

Photos of Injured Orca Prompt Protests Against SeaWorld:

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