Kitten Rescued After Being Stuck Inside Lincoln Statue for 3 Days

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While everyone was gearing up to see "Lincoln" in theaters this weekend, a kitten had a different encounter with the famous former president. According to the Daily Mail U.K., a three-week-old gray kitten was discovered trapped inside a Abraham Lincoln statue located at Clermont Presidents Hall of Fame in Florida.

Mews had been heard around that statue for several days before locals realized where the cries were coming from. After three days of meowing, the staff at the Hall of Fame worried that a feline was trapped inside the statue and called the Minneola Fire Department.

Daniel Davis of the Humane Society came with the fire department to assist in the rescue. Davis let out a test "meow" into the Lincoln Statue and received a faint reply from inside. Firefighters went to work, cutting an opening in the back of the statue and lowering a man inside.

After several tense minutes of waiting, the firefighter emerged with kitten in hand. The tiny cat was greeted by cheers, a warm towel and food. Onlookers also decided to give the feline a name. "Abe" was clearly the best choice.

Rescuers are unsure how Abe found his way into the statue. While there is a hole at the top, it is too high up for a small kitten to reach. Firefighters may not have found the answer, but they have found Abe a new home. After the kitten's dehydration is treated, Abe will be adopted by the museum's curator.

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