Dog Saves Owner from Gaza Rocket Strike on Apartment in Ashkelon

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Alex Leibowitz is alive today, thanks to his heroic dog, Louisa. According to The Algemeiner, Louisa alerted her owner of a rocket fired from Gaza that struck Leibowitz's apartment in Ashkelon, Israel. The coastal city, which is home to over 100,000 people, was struck hard over the weekend.

On Sunday, November 18, Alex Leibowitz decided to stay home sick. His wife, Olga, was at work. Leibowitz said that his dog would not stop barking. "Louisa just kept nervously barking non-stop and I couldn't listen any longer, so I went back in the bedroom."

Shortly after Leibowitz retreated to his bedroom, a rocket plummeted into his apartment door, going straight through the floor. At that moment, Leibowitz knew he had been saved thanks to Louisa's warning.

"It was a miracle. Had I gone down the stairwell, if I had heard the siren, the rocket would have caught me," said Leibowitz. His wife even went on to speculate that her dog had some sort of sixth sense. "Louisa's barking kept my husband alive."

The particular building where the Leibowitz family resides was slammed by the rocket, which penetrated the roof of the building's stairwell, leaving a huge hole in the floor and ceiling of one room.

Although their apartment may be severely damaged, the Leibowitzes are so grateful to Louisa for their lives.

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