Why Your Man Needs a Puppy: Guys with Dogs Live Longer

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If the man in your life is against adopting a dog, tell him he ought to reconsider if he wants to live long and prosper. According to a Grant study reported by Cosmo, owning a dog, in addition to having good friends and a happy marriage, is the key to a man's longevity.

The study began in 1940 when Harvard researchers reviewed 200 young, white, healthy men. They found that the "little things" in life, such as having a canine companion, outweighed class, wealth or hometown when it came to happiness factors.

George Vaillant from Harvard medical school is the current director of the study. He added that while having a loving family is "terribly important," those men who are 70–90 years in age rarely moved on to another lover after their wives passed. That said, "If you want to be happy, and don't have a six-month-old baby to trade smiles with, get yourself a puppy."

Previous research also suggests that owning a pet dog improves your physical and mental well-being (more so than having a cat), in addition to decreasing your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Man Soothes Arthritic Dog In Lake:

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