Skunk Knocks TV Station Off the Air

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Humans scream when they're surprised; skunks spray. According to Fox News, this is exactly what happened at a cluster of transmittors in the Cheyenne Mountains. A local news station was having issues getting a broadcast signal, so workers were sent to investigate the situation, which turned out to be a smelly one.

Somehow, a skunk had wriggled its way into the main control room and gotten a shock from some of the equipment. Being a creature of habitat, the skunk went to his natural defense and sprayed the area in response to the jolt. Workers believe it was this odorous dose that caused damage to some of the equipment, resulting in the poor signal.

Luckily, the skunk was unharmed and was gently ushered out of the control room when the repair crew arrived. The workers were left behind to fix the mess and deal with the musk.


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