Do Ostriches Swim? A Rare Glimpse of the Birds in the Atlantic Ocean

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They can't fly, but that's okay, because ostriches have picked up a new skill. According to the Daily Mail U.K., two of the birds were spotted swimming in the Atlantic Ocean near South Africa.

However, the ocean is a busy place and the ostriches' relaxing dip was soon interrupted by a fishing boat. The birds begrudgingly followed the boat back to shore, cutting short their swim time.

While catching an ostrich in the water is a rare sight, researchers say the animal does indulge in the wet stuff every so often. The birds especially enjoy a dip on hot days. They keep afloat by easily treading water with their lengthy legs.

Onlookers are unsure where these two bathing bird beauties came from, but they believe the feathered friends may be runaway residents from a nearby farm. The pair were later spotted fully dry and back on land.

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