Acne Is a Problem Teens Share with Cats

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Remember waking up as an adolescent to yet another annoying pimple? Your cat can commiserate. According to the Herald News, felines suffer from acne problems, just like human teens.

Feline acne is common annoyance. The kitty zits can happen to any breed of cat at any age. Unlike with humans, puberty isn't the typical acne trigger for felines. Instead, many cats break out due to bacteria picked up from things like their food bowls. The affliction pops up as small bumps that can be hard to spot because of fur and dark skin.

Veterinarians warn that feline acne often looks worse than it is, but treatment is simple. All your kitty needs is a regular application of apple cider vinegar or benzoyl peroxide on the affected areas. If it is a more serious infection, owners may have to use other treatments.

It is important to rule out other more serious health issues before treating your cat for feline acne. Skin parasites and cancer can resemble acne in their early stages.

If your feline does have to deal with a bout of acne, don't worry about brooding. Unlike most teens, cats will have no problem going about their daily business with a few extra spots.

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