Boy, 2, Maimed in Hawk Attack

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According to The Sun, a toddler was attacked by a pet hawk in a playground. The bird of prey swooped down, latched on to two-year-old Alfie Hall and gouged his face. The bird almost severed the child's ear before flying off.

Alfie Hall's mother Elysia watched helplessly in horror as her son was attacked. "It was really frightening. The bird looked so big and powerful as it swooped down on my son's head. There was blood everywhere. The bird ripped several chunks out of his head, including a big gash right next to his eye which needed stitches. The doctors told us he was lucky not to lose his sight," recalled Hall's mom.

Hall's uncle tried to scare the bird away, shouting and screaming at it when it landed on the toddler's face. An ambulance was called right away and luckily, doctors were able to glue the ear back together in the hospital.

The hawk belonged to a teenager who tried to call the bird away from the child. The hawk, however, ignored the calls. The owner and his pet bird were not doing anything wrong - there are no laws banning owning a dangerous bird or taking it out in public, specifically in the designated area where Alfie Hall was playing.

While it was legal, it was not a smart move, according to Jemima Parry-Jones of the International Centre for Birds of Prey. Parry-Jones said, "Flying one in a children's playground is about the most irresponsible thing you could do. It's extremely stupid."

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