Stowaway Snake Found Hiding Under Airplane Seat

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Samuel L. Jackson may have claimed to eradicate all the snakes from the skies, but he missed at least one. According to the Guardian, a snake was found slithering under one of the seats of a Scottish airline.

Crew members discovered an 18-inch snake belonging to the Dryadophis family of reptiles. Staff stayed remarkably calm and removed the scaly creature from the plane before it could cause a commotion.

The Mexican snake species was found on a flight arriving into Glasgow from Cancun. Officials believe the snake might have accidentally snuck on board in a passenger's luggage.

Because of the snake's origins, airport staff named the stowaway "Furtivo," which is Spanish for sneak. Furtivo is not venomous, but is said to be feisty.

Currently, the sly snake is under the care of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals until an owner is found.

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