Love Letters For Your Pet

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Have you ever thought of writing a love letter to your pet?

When I am working with clients who are grieving or just looking to find a way to connect with their pet, I often suggest sitting down and allowing their feelings to spill out on the page. This opens the doorway to communication.

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Love is a feeling that expands the heart and the mind. Whether you write a love letter that turns into a song or draw a beautiful picture, it all speaks volumes. All these good vibes will come back to you in beautiful ways that will warm your heart.

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Tips on how to write love letters to your pets:

• If you begin writing within an hour before going to bed this will set the tone for your mind and heart to receive loving messages from your pet.

• With pen and paper in hand, think about your fondest memory of your pet. Writing your thoughts and feelings down on paper helps you to focus. Because pets are so intuitive, they totally get the message!

• Your letter can start a little something like this: "Dear Baxter, You are the best! I love it when you snuggle at my feet and warm up my side of the bed."

• Place your love letter under your pet's bed. Doing so is like reading them a bedtime story so they have warm, fuzzy dreams.

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Pets intuitively know the way into your life and your home. Isn't it interesting how you find yourself feeding them food that they enjoy, making their beds (and usually sharing yours with them)? You find yourself falling in love with these animals who have magically opened parts of your heart that have been waiting to be explored.

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