Cussing Cockatoo at Center of Noise Dispute in Rhode Island

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A feud has broken out between neighbors in a beautiful waterfront neighborhood in Warwick, R.I., all thanks to a cussing cockatoo. According to WJAR, Kathleen Melker and her boyfriend, Craig Fontaine, are the object of harassment from Lynne Taylor, Fontaine's ex-wife, and her cockatoo.

Their houses are approximately 50 feet apart. The bird, named Willy, has been recorded on video squawking profanities out the window to Melker's home. Taylor, the bird's owner, was ticketed for animal noise violation. Although it is a $15 fine, she is still fighting it in municipal court.

The Warwick police have dealt with Taylor and her bird at least two dozen times over the past three months. Both neighbors have restraining orders against each other.

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