Grizzly Bear Gets Comfortable in Couple's Home

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Mark and Dawn Dumas have transformed their house into a real bear den. According to the (U.K.) Daily Mail, the couple is raising an 18-month-old grizzly bear named Billy in their Vancouver home.

The beary happy group is rather inseparable, with Billy following his owners to the TV room, pool and even the pub. The 5-foot animal loves resting his hind legs at the bar, or watching his owners shoot a game of pool.

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Mark treats the 250-pound bear like a son, wrestling with Billy and buying him presents, like his own teddy bear. Living with this unique roommate isn't all fun and games, though. The Dumases are training the bear for their animal-handling company, which provides skilled critters for movies and television.

To help Billy on his path to furry fame, Mark is teaching the bear entertaining tricks such as pretending to roar and standing on his hind legs. Billy has proved to be an excellent pupil.

"Billy is very intelligent and has a really good spirit. He is very good natured and he learns fast," Mark Dumas told the Daily Mail.

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The future star began taking outings into public when he was only 6 months old to help him become comfortable around other people. Now Billy has no problem palling around with bar regulars, or sharing a dip with friends in his backyard pool.

Until Billy is fully prepared for the responsibility of being in front of the camera, he will continue to live with the Dumas family in his expansive private enclosure.

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