Dogs Make Work More Fun!

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I was super excited to get a call to teach a workshop on Animal Communication at a huge dog friendly corporation in Santa Monica. This place has a permanent dog park on the property for their daily doggie visitors along with a rock-climbing wall for the employees. They think of everything! What a treat.

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On this special occasion, employees brought their dogs as well as a couple of human kids to my workshop where they were able to dig a little deeper into the heart and mind connection with their dogs. They found it to be especially entertaining and enlightening when I was reading one of the dog's with their human mom. The dog was revealing the dynamics between the woman and her husband, who wasn't' there to speak up for himself. It was all very light-hearted and fun as the dog just cut to the chase in a very child-like yet insightful way.

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I especially enjoyed working with a young boy who was there with his dad and their dog. The boy was eager to follow my instructions on how to communicate with their dog. One of his questions was who the dog's favorite family member was, him or his older sister. The dog communicated to him that he was her favorite playmate. The dad said, of course you are going to say that, and the young boy said, "No really, I asked her and she showed me a picture in my head and it was me." He then proceeded to ask the dog other questions and was excited every time the answer popped up in his head. Then the boy asked his dad to try it and his father decided to take a back seat and let his son keep doing it. I'm sure the boy went home and shared what he learned with his sister.

Other activities they had on the itinerary included an indoor dog agility class and a few dog adoption groups set up outside with plenty of potential pet-human bonding with the adoptable dogs as they warmed their way into people's hearts. Even with all the fun dog-friendly activities going on, it was still business as usual.

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Taking your dog to work can be a real luxury and if you work from home, you might consider taking a little break in your schedule to get outdoors and spend some quality time with your dog, especially in sunny Southern California where you can visit a local dog beach. Or maybe find a fun dog agility class; it's a playground designed for dogs where adults can cheer and coach their dogs along as they learn the ropes. No matter where you live, explore some fun ways to take a break from work and enjoy some quality time with man's best friend. You dig?

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