Alligator Wrestling Match Goes Horribly Wrong

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You can change its scenery, but a wild animal's instincts can rarely be completely removed, as one man found of out the hard way. According to The Inquistir, things took a scary turn at an alligator wrestling match at the Cuyahoga County Fair in Ohio when the animal bit a trainer's arm.

The trainer, Daniel Beck, was performing his regular wrestling routine with a large alligator when the animal was able to reach around and bite him. The alligator delivered the chomp on the trainer's elbow when Beck was attempting to take the creature to the ground from the back.

The audience reacted in screams and rushed to cover up the eyes of children. The producer of the show jumped into the ring and went to work, trying to get Beck's arm out of the animal's jaws. After using a stick to pry open the gator's mouth, Beck had enough room to remove his arm.

Beck kept remarkably calm given the situation, saying that these things happen from time to time. Once free from the alligator, he was rushed out of the ring for medical treatment. Surprisingly, Beck received no nerve or muscle damage from the bite, and left the whole ordeal with only a few stitches. But that doesn't mean it was a pleasant scuffle. Beck described the pain and pressure of an alligator bite as being similar to putting one's arm in a vice, cranking it as tight as possible, and than cranking it six times more.

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