Improve Upon Perfection?

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Have you ever heard of the Ugly Dog Contest where people and dogs rally in the joy of celebrating the cutest, funniest and most unusual looking pets alongside their proud owners (i.e. pet parents)?

If you ask me, everyone knows you can't improve upon perfection, like a Bulldog with an underbite or the Mastiff that drools and slobbers all over strangers. Pets have a way of capturing the hearts of people everywhere.

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One of the greatest gifts about animals is that they see their human companions as perfect. Pets come into your life without asking your dating history, and you find yourself doing everything humanly possible to make them happy by feeding them the best food, making their bed or sharing yours, looking forward to going on walks together, and much more. It's so great!

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People often times like to think of their pets as being human. It's true pets do like to enjoy the best parts of the human experience, which is pretty much anything that makes you feel happy. They like the most comfortable spot on the sofa, cheating on their diet, exercising outdoors and having someone who loves them unconditionally. How does it get any better than that?

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So, when you find your relationship to be less than perfect, be willing to accept the good, the bad and the ugly because in the big picture, what really counts when the chips are down? It's not so much what you bring to the table as much as what you hold dear to your heart.

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