Unveiling of Boo's Owner as Facebook Employee Has Internet Up in Arms

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Ever since Boo the Pomeranian's sweet, fluffy face hit the Web, he has been an aww-inducing sensation, garnering millions of Facebook fans, a book deal and even a sweet gig with Virgin Airlines. Folks have always figured that his viral success and title of World's Cutest Dog came from Boo's naturally adorable looks and precious personality. However, some are now speculating the dog's fame wasn't quite so organic. According to The Atlantic, Boo's owner has a leading position in Facebook's finance department, inclining some to believe that Boo's success has been carefully manufactured.

Tipsters apparently let All Things D in on the secret identity of Boo's owner. She is Irene Ahn, who has worked for Facebook since 2008, and has also been employed at Yahoo and PayPal in the past.

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The soaring timeline of Boo's fame stared off slowly, with the cuteness addicts of the Web not latching onto the dog until he started a Facebook page. While the social network helps everyone connect quickly, All Things D's Mike Isaac finds Boo's increasing fanbase a little suspect. Or as he put it on All Things D, "I can't help but think perhaps knowing a few of the right Facebook engineers helped Boo go viral a little bit faster."

Another reason that Boo fans are becoming suspicious of Ahn's career and her dog's success is the owner's reluctance to be in the spotlight alongside her precious pup. Ahn has never appeared on camera in Boo's TV spots, and she used an author pseudonym on Boo's book.

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Some stand by the idea that Boo's owner just wants privacy, but others think that she is hiding something, like the true secrets to Boo's success. Jessica Roy of BetaBeat weighed in on the topic, asking, "Curious, isn't it, that Mr. Dog boasts close to 5 million fans on Facebook, where his owner's boss is banking on that kind of user engagement? And with a powerful parent like that, he surely didn't earn those fans through sheer cuteness alone."

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All of this may be true. Boo could have social-network higher-ups making sure that he holds a monopoly on cuteness, and Facebook employees eagerly liking his every move. But the real question is: does it matter? Facebook dog darling or not, you have to admit that Boo is cute. As long as he keeps appearing in new, tiny outfits, is it that concerning that there might be a woman behind the curtain ensuring he receives a few extra likes? We leave it to Boo's fans to make up their own minds, and something tells us they have a weakness for puppy-dog eyes and smiles no matter where the dog's owner works.

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