Chihuahua Sniffs Out Missing Kids

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Bell the Chihuahua is a small dog with a big talent. According to WGCL-TV, the pint-sized pup used her keen sense of smell to track down three girls who went missing on a walk in Newnan, Ga.

CBS Atlanta 46

Rebecca and David Parga let their two young daughters and one of their friends take the family dog on a short walk. When the girls failed to return home after an hour, the parents went into panic mode. A search party was formed including police, firefighters and neighbors. But the group had no luck locating the children in the woods bordering the area until Bell lent her nose to the effort.

The Chihuahua's owner, Carvin Young, who lives across the street from the Pargas, told WGCL-TV, "Bell sniffed them out. She smelled them, her tail went to wagging and she kept running and running until she got to them. She started jumping up on me and I knew we were close."

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Young and Bell discovered the girls in the woods on the opposite side from where they entered. The frightened children explained they took several different paths throughout their walk and became lost when trying to find their way back. Bell is now being heralded as a hero for finding the girls before any harm came to them.

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