Let The Games Begin!

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Does your pet have a favorite toy? I always find it interesting how during the middle of a session with my clients, their pet will show me his or her favorite toy and the pure joy they feel towards it.

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Some of my clients tell me that they feel disappointed when their pets seem to lose enthusiasm for playing with their toys. Often times it comes down to what they really want, which is their parents to play with them instead of just throwing them a ball and walking away. That good-intentioned action can actually trigger a feeling of disappointment. This is a good reminder for pet parents to be mindful and present. Ever notice how your pet focuses on one task at a time? They will walk around with a single toy in their mouth or focus like an Olympic athlete on catching the ball.

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Fun tip: Get creative and shop like you are a kid at heart, close your eyes and ask yourself what toy would Tigger or Max like to play with? You might be surprised what kind of answers pop-up in your mind. Then go home and share the winning prize with them. It's fun shopping for toys, especially when you find a favorite red tug toy or cartoon looking plushie that they carry around in their mouth and nudge you to engage with them all the time.

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Toys and games are all about the positive emotional connection and sharing is a big part of the fun. If you were to focus on savoring each playful interaction with your pet, you'd find that they can be your greatest and most loving teachers in terms of how to discover the simple joys of life. Game on!

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