Baby Hedgehogs Rescued from Behind Washing Machine

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Most of us find only lint balls and lonely socks when doing a load of laundry, but a couple in Weston-super-Mare, England was luckier than normal when they discovered three baby hedgehogs behind their washing machine.

Kelly and Lee Tuck were in the middle of moving their old washing machine when they stumbled upon the trio of tiny baby hedgehogs snuggled up in a pile of dead leaves.

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Lee grabbed the babies and put them in a box, hoping their mother would return. After waiting awhile and realizing that she was nowhere to be found, the Tucks sent the baby hedgehogs to Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

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Pauline Kidner, Secret World founder, told the (U.K.) Daily Mail that they plan on releasing the baby hedgehogs back into the wild when they are ready. Until then, they are being cared for at the center in East Huntspill, Somertset and being fed a special milk formula.

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