Corgi Accidentally Creates an Explosion

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Yogi the Corgi may have adorable puppy eyes, but recently he did something not so innocent. According to The Pet Collective, the pooch started off the YouTube channel's new video series, Pet Sense, with a bang.

Pet Sense is a series featuring an animal communicator who helps owners treat and solve their pesky pet problems with remote readings. Yogi was the first pet selected for Pet Sense, with his owner, Hali Hudson, seeking help for Yogi's obsession with cleaning products. Apparently, the Corgi goes ballistic whenever he sees one.

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To demonstrate Yogi's strange behavior for the camera, Hudson showed his reaction to the cleaning products she keeps under her sink. With the cameras rolling, Yogi did what was expected of him and started attacking the bottles under the sink. Unfortunately, he also grabbed a hold of a can of black spray paint, which he accidentally busted open.

Not only were Yogi, Hudson and her kitchen covered in paint, the flammable substance also caused an explosion and fire. Luckily, Hudson and Yogi were out of the room washing up, so everybody escaped unharmed. Yogi was also taken to the vet for a clean bill of health.

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Hudson said she hopes people don't think she's stupid, but understands that keeping cleaning products within Yogi's reach was "idiotic," and has since moved them. Unfortunately, Yogi was unfazed by the explosion and his penchant for attacking cleaning products remains as ferocious as ever. To learn more about Yogi and what else happened behind the scenes, watch the video below.
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