Cat Inspired Hairstyle Sweeps Tokyo's Famous Street Fashion District

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Cat Ear Hair: The hottest new hairstyle in Japan, or a poof gone wrong?
Kotaku is reporting that feline fashionistas on the streets of Harajuku are ditching their ribbons and headbands in favor of styling their bumps to resemble a pair of cat ears sprouting from their head. The "neko mimi hair" trend borrows heavily from Japanese "cat girls" (an interesting subject in itself), and supposedly shows how otaku (geek culture) is going mainstream within the youthful group of trendsetters.

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In a country known for its mechanical cat ears, cat cafes, and cat idol, I'm not so sure that a feline inspired 'do is that much of a sartorial leap. Do you think the look will catch on in the U.S., or will Japan's stronghold on cat culture continue to reign supreme?

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Via Kotaku

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