Puppy Falls from the Sky into a New Home

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Heads up: it's raining puppies. According to KSBW-TV, a dog fell from the sky in Los Banos, Calif. and landed at the feet of a 7-year-old boy.

The puppy, now named T.J. Heavenly, was scooped up by a hawk and became airborne after wriggling out of the bird's grasp. Fortunately, T.J. fell from a bad situation into a good one. The dog's 30-foot fall plopped him in front a boy named Taylor Calloway.

Taylor and his family instantly decided to take in the puppy. T.J. appeared to be in pretty bad shape after his fall, so his new guardians brought him to a nearby animal hospital. After being treated for dehydration and receiving a few shots, T.J. was formally adopted and welcomed into his new home.

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Aside from a few small marks on the puppy's skin, T.J. has made a successful recovery. The pup's new owners promise to keep him on the ground and smothered with love.

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