Feline Police Officer Fights Crime With Cuddles

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A furry police officer in Kyoto, Japan is getting paid for his crime fighting skills... in kibble! Iemon (pronounced ee-eh-mon) was rescued as a kitten by Police Sergeant Yamada's wife, and now spends his days hanging out at the station, and helping investigate fraud cases.

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Over 30% of the town's population is made of up of elderly residents, who are frequently targeted by telephone scammers who trick them into wiring over funds. Sgt. Yamada thought it would be a good idea to bring Iemon along on his investigations to help the victims feel more at ease, and had his wife make the cat a very official looking uniform for the job.
The sergeant tells a Japanese newspaper that when Iemon is with him, the seniors tend to listen to his advice more carefully and are also more eager to discuss their problems. With a precious little face like that, can you blame them?

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