Thousands of Birds Found Dead on Chile Beaches

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SANTIAGO - About 2,000 birds were found dead on beaches in central Chile, a natural history museum director said Friday, accusing fishermen of snagging them in their nets and letting them drown.

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"It's a horrible scene. They are spread across some six kilometers (four miles) of beach" around the coastal city of Santo Domingo, San Antonio natural history and archeology museum director Jose Luis Brito told UCV radio. Most of the birds are gray petrels, but there are also pelicans, gannets and Guanay cormorants.

Brito accused fishermen of "doing nothing" when birds get caught up in their nets, and leaving them "to drown before throwing the bodies back into the sea." The museum said it would file a complaint to police over the dead birds.

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About 100 bird carcasses were found on central beaches on Sunday. Thousands of dolphins and maritime birds, including many pelicans, have been found dead in neighboring Peru in recent weeks.

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Environmental groups blamed oil exploration work, but Peru's deputy environment minister Gabriel Quijandria, disputed the claim and said warming waters, which disturbs food supplies, was a possible cause.

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HAARP did this terrible to the pelicans and dolfins, the oil industri uses the HAARP facilities Jicamarca in south America (Peru) to search for oil, they send a lot of energy “down” in to ground, and the listen to the “echo” if there is hidden oil.
(they often spray a lot of "chemtrails" in he area before they are able to use this "ground x-ray (HAARP), and often this cause an earth quake (sometimes small) when they sending all this microwave energy down in the ground)

This has killed a lot of animals around the world, the “oil prospecting”.

Norwegian Statoil is one of the parts amongst other oil companies to blame, who uses Jicamarca HAARP in Peru for oil prospecting projects, and they give the damn in how many animal they will kill or the damages they have done to the people.

Also experiments with high energy weapons and experiments trying to send big amount of data in aimed energy, (sometimes from ARRAY-facilities) this has killed thousands of birds that was hit by this energy waves and beams.

May 13 2012 at 6:26 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Big deal there were millions found dead on thanksgiving in America

May 12 2012 at 9:05 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
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