Zoo Elephant Jams on Harmonica

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Shanthi the elephant doesn't have the blues, but she sure knows how to play some sweet tunes. According to the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C., the 36-year-old Asian elephant loves making music.
Zoo workers noticed Shanthi's propensity for jam sessions after observing the animal banging her trunk on objects and blowing on things to make a variety of sounds. Keepers decided to provide Shanthi with real instruments to see what would happen.

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Now the elephant has a whole range of harmonicas, horns and other noisemakers to choose from. Shanthi puts them to good use, creating her own songs without any persuasion. National Zoo workers are amazed by Shanthi's melodies and hope her new collection of instruments will serve as a form of enrichment.

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Shanthi has recently started showing off her skills to visitors of the National Zoo during the facility's elephant demonstration. Zookeepers hope that guests will be encouraged to help protect elephants after seeing Shanthi's impressive and endearing talent.

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