Anderson Cooper and Kristen Johnston Meet Meow, The 39 lb. Cat

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Anderson Cooper, who has quickly become the go-to source for celebrity cat sit-downs (he's also featured Willow the Colorado kitty who turned up in NYC, and a Persian with a penchant for the pool), had a very special guest on his daytime talk show today: Meow, the now infamous 39-pound cat (now down to 35.7 lbs), who made headlines last week when he showed up at a Santa Fe animal shelter. The two-year-old cat, whose size has been compared to that of a 600 lb. man, was surrendered after his 87-year-old owner was no longer able to care for him.

"Oh my lord, I don't want to say it loud, but... it's like holding a big tub of Jello," said Anderson, while attempting to hold the tubby tabby. He quickly apologized as to not hurt the cat's feelings, and also offered up an apologetic smooch as penance.

The kitty is currently being cared for by the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society, who have been busily posting updates on his progress (and latest media appearances) on their Facebook page.

I must admit that I was so sad when I first heard about this story, but it's good to see that Meow is in good hands, and on the road to recovery. I'm sure once his weight his under control, there will be a line of people eager to adopt this sweet boy.

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