Boo the Dog Assures Fans He Is Alive

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For Boo fans who have been worried sick about the health of the famous Pomeranian, you can now rest assured he is alive and well.

According to The Huffington Post, rumors were swirling around the Internet yesterday afternoon about whether or not Boo had died. Using the hashtag #RIPBoo, Gizmodo writer Sam Biddle tweeted that the pooch had died. Other Gizmodo writers chimed in, tweeting their condolences. There was also a fake New York Times obituary post that stated Boo was found dead in a duck pond.

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Thankfully, it was all a hoax. Boo posted this message to his fans on Facebook: "hi friends! i heard the rumors, and i would like all my friends to know that i am happy and kickin'! i asked human if i could do a press conference to reassure everyone on camera, but she reminded me that i can't talk."

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Boo's publishing company, Chronicle Books, additionally informed The Huffington Post that they spoke to Boo's owner who said Boo is doing just fine.

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While PawNation is thrilled to hear this news, we still wonder about some of Boo's less flattering photos as of late. Perhaps he just had a grooming appointment gone wrong? Be well, Boo!

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