Jealous Penguins Poop on Panda Visitors at Edinburgh Zoo

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Penguins are used to being the rulers of the roost at the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland. Officials claim they were the first zoo to exhibit penguins, showing off the birds for over 100 years. Today the Edinburgh facility boasts close to 200 waddlers under their care. The large number of penguins and their adorable disposition have made the impressive flock of non-flying birds the zoo favorite. Until now.

Recently, the Edinburgh Zoo welcomed two giant pandas. The newcomers Tian Tian and Yang Guang (meaning Sweetie and Sunlight respectively) have quickly become the hottest attraction at the zoo. Now workers are wondering if this switch in favoritism has upset the mob of penguins the zoo was best known for, because the birds are up to some bad behavior.

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See Edinburgh's Penguins and Pandas:

The fenced penguin exhibit lines the entrance to the area with the pandas, so the animals have a bird's-eye view of vistors fawning over the black-and-white bears. One type of penguin, the rockhopper, appears to have decided to do something about the loss of love other than waddle around and pout about it.

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Several rockhoppers have made their nests along the wall that borders the pandas' entrance. The nesting penguins have begun to relieve themselves along that same wall, causing their projectile waste to fly through the fence and land on the heads of traitorous zoo guests visiting the pandas.

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Lesley Garland, the penguin keeper for the Edinburgh Zoo, says the birds are known for their unique personailties and thinks it is entirely possible that several insulted penguins decided to take action against the new star animals. Whether it is a purposeful revenge by the penguins or not, the zoo has added a line of plexiglass along the fence wall of the panda entrance to counteract the offending penguins' target practice. See more below:

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