Why the Honey Badger Party Makes Sense in 2012

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Hello, lovers. As you hopefully know by now (unless you've been living in a cave full of mountain goats), this is an election year! That explains all the riff-raff, scrappy banter and ad campaigns you see when all you want to do is enjoy yourself and watch some tiny tots wearing tiaras, but instead there's Romney (a dog abuser, mind you) spewing venom about his other opponents, then taking the time to smile and fart the national anthem before thousands of onlookers. Santorum seems like he needs a doctor to prescribe him some chill pills, while the delusional Pillsbury Doughboy -- er, I mean Newt Gingrich -- still considers himself to be a heavyweight contender. Puh-lease.

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So what are they all really saying and what is all the hub-a-dub-dub about? It's all just a bunch of backtalk and rhetoric we've heard before. They say Obama and his team are in the background just laughing and watching the GOP folks go at it, yet he can't really afford to rest on his laurels either. It's all rather cray-cray to me. Obama has a lot of 'splaining to do, but at least he and the First Family have the fabulous Portuguese Water Dog, Bo. Regardless, it seems to this American citizen that the time has come for a new political party. I know I am not alone.

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According to our nation's founding fathers, we the people have the right to completely alter, change and resurrect our government if we find it's not working as it should on our behalf. By the people, for the people. By the pets, for the pets. You can thank the Declaration of Independence for that, stupid! And why not? It's a "declaration of independence." Of course we have the right to not vote Democratic or Republican. Instead, we can write in "Honey Badger Party" and confuse the hell out of this government as they've confused us for years!

With The Honey Badger Party, I envision a government run by people who actually care about education, children and animals. Conservation. The promotion of science, not the number of double-hamburger gas-station pit stops. Not enough is being done to protect those we share this planet with. This includes not only our precious animals, but plants and nature in general. These things have been taken for granted for too long.

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Back in the day, there was a television ad that showed old "Iron Eyes Cody," a weathered Native American Indian, gazing around while riding his horse and seeing nothing but trash. A tear dripped from his eye. Looking around atop my honey badger, that is how I feel. If you want real change, the time is now. Honey Badger Don't Care about confusing big government. We the people -- and we the pets -- want what's ours: our own government back!

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Ami Bowen

www.honeybadger2012.com learn more about the Honey Badger platform. A better environment, clean energy, abundant food and water.

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