Goat in a Pizza Place

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How do you feel about pets at restaurants? A lot of joints will let you bring your furry friend along provided you're dining al fresco. But what how do you react when there's a goat inside a pizza place? I mean, do they offer tin cans as a topping or what? (Sorry, we can't resist a good tin-can-eating joke when it comes to goats.) Twitter user @ReporterLeslie captured exactly that and we're not quite sure what to make of it.

This isn't the first incident this week of a Twitter user photo-documenting an animal in a food-related business. First it was a possum in a bakery, now a goat in a pizza place. What's next? A cat in an ice-cream parlor? A guinea pig at a diner? A hedgehog at a doughnut shop? A bunny at a drive-thru? A tarantula at a delicatessen? An iguana at a butcher shop? A parakeet at an oyster bar? A tortoise at a bistro? A corn snake at a coffeehouse? A hamster at a steakhouse? A ferret at a roadhouse? A goldfish at a Waffle House?

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