Cat Saves Owner's Life Just Hours After Adoption

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Pudding the Cat lives up to his name. The orange and white feline is a little jiggly and super sweet. But one thing Pudding the Cat has that his lunch-time snack counterpart does not? Life-saving skills.

21-pound Pudding proved to his owner Amy Jung that she made the right choice when she chose him from the Door County Animal Shelter in Wisconsin. Only hours after arriving at his new forever home, this pussycat saved his new lady's life.

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36-year-old Jung, who has been living with diabetes since the age of four, experienced a diabetic seizure in the middle of Pudding's first night at the house. Sensing something was wrong with Jung, Pudding sprang into action, pouncing on Jung's stomach and swiping at her face to bring her to consciousness. After being awoken by the cat's swats, Jung called out to her 9-year-old son Ethan for help. With no response from Ethan, Pudding took things into his own paws once again, running into the boy's room and waking him. Abruptly awoken, Ethan, heard his mom's cries for help and dialed 911 to get her the medical assistance she needed.

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Fate must have had eye its on Jung and her hero kitty, because the owner claimed she wasn't originally planning on adopting a pet. Jung and her son had only visited the Door County Humane Society that day to play with the cats that they let roam free inside the facility. Pudding must have sensed he was in need and turned on the charm, because once Jung saw him, she sensed an instant closeness to the cat.

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Good thing Pudding and Jung were open to a fast friendship, because that night could have gone quite differently if the attentive kitty wasn't there. After saving her life, Jung is ecstatic that she adopted Pudding and that they will be spending all of his nine lives together.

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