Teddy the Porcupine Has a Valentine

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Teddy Bear visited us last week, using his snacking skills to predict the winner of yesterday's Super Bowl. And wouldn't you know it? The New York Giants won the game, just like Teddy Bear said they would (much to my chagrin, as I hail from New England and a dyed-in-the-wool Patriots fan).

Fresh from his prognosticatory success, Teddy Bear is setting his focus on the next great holiday, Valentine's Day. Does Big T have a secret admirer? It's not us. Our admiration for Teddy isn't secret; it's public and well documented. But somebody sent the porcupiny paramour a heart-shaped box full of corn. Naturally, Teddy opted to wolf down all the corn in one sitting rather than try to make it last until the 14th. But why stop there? Corn wasn't all Teddy Bear got from his valentine. "Rose petals for eaty taste good?" Teddy, nooooo!


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