Zootoo Review - 5 Great Oral Care Products for Pets

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February is National Pet Dental Health Month - an ideal time to get your pets started on healthy oral care routines, or to improve their existing ones. For pets, neglecting dental health carries similar risks to those for humans, such as periodontal complications - not to mention corrosive kitty and canine breath.

If you're ready to overhaul your pet's dental health, your vet can help with advice on proper at-home care, as well as products to take the hassle out of daily cleanings. Our friends at Zootoo rounded up some of their favorite oral care products for pets to help your four-legged friends keep their smiles healthy.

sturdibag carrierPedigree

Helpful for tackling bad breath as well as plaque and tartar buildup, GoodBites Oral Care Dog Treats from Pedigree also feature a nutritionally balanced formula, packed with vitamins and minerals. Our tester canine flipped for the meaty taste, and the treats had a beneficial effect on his doggie breath.

pet carrierPetstages

An interactive toy that also promotes good dental hygiene, the Fresh Breath Mint Stick for Cats from Petstages uses an innovative design to help keep your feline's teeth clean. The exterior's mesh netting helps to remove soft tartar as your cat plays with the stick, and the interior - stuffed with catnip and crinkly material - kept our tester cats engaged for extended playtimes.

bergan pet carrierTriple Pet

If your pet resists brushings with a regular toothbrush designed for animals, try the EZDOG Finger Brush from Triple Pet. This easy-to-use product fits over your finger for better control and less gagging. And the EZDOG Finger Brush features soft rubber bristles to clean your canine's canines effectively while gently massaging his gums.

pet carrierDental Fresh

A convenient, simple way to clean your cat's mouth while controlling bad breath, Dental Fresh for Cats helps to reduce plaque and tartar without subjecting skittish felines to cleanings with a toothbrush. A daily dose in our tester cat's bowl helped to reduce his previous bad breath, and he didn't seem to notice any change in the taste of the water.

pet slingHalo

Reward your dog while helping to improve his breath with Spot's Chew Dog Dental Treats from Halo. These snacks feature natural ingredients such as whole oats and apples to help freshen your dog's breath, and the stick-shaped design helps to clean your dog's teeth while keeping him occupied.

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