Should Your Insure Your Pets?

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All pet owners must decide whether or not to buy health insurance for their animals. While we all love and care for our pets, there are many different philosophies when it comes to insurance. For some, the idea of not having pet insurance is appalling. Some may find it more prudent to simply put money aside for any pet-related medical expenses and pay out of pocket if necessary. Other may wish to buy pet insurance, but with money being so tight, it can be hard to rationalize the expense, especially for those who don't even have health insurance for themselves.

Lifehacker tackles the questions of pet insurance in a column, "Is Pet Insurance Worth It?" Their ultimate answer to that question is essentially this: Maybe. It depends.

"Even if your pet does have a major surgery, say $4,000 once in its lifetime, you will still be breaking even in a best case scenario," Lifehacker says. "Pet insurance is geared more toward people who don't want to set up a separate fund to cover health costs, or who want the peace of mind that comes from insurance."

If you've been wrestling with with this issue lately, read Lifehacker's post. It tells you what insurance will and won't cover; how to go about choosing the right insurance; and, if insurance isn't right for you and your pet, what your other options may be.

Tell us, Paw Nation readers: Are your pets insured? Why or why not?

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Thanks for sharing this informative post, it is beneficial for pet owners to get all the details about the pet insurance and the benefits in detailed. As there are numbers of organizations offering cheap and flexible insurance policies, it is better to review more information on the offered services in detailed.

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