10 Spooky Dog Tales for Halloween

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Early people honored animals with cave paintings, worshipped them as gods, and felt awed by their mysterious ways. Even though dogs have become our partners and beloved companions, a mournful howl or puzzling behavior still can shiver your spine, especially around Halloween.

These 10 blood-chilling legends of demon dogs and ghostly saviors, creation fables and ancient gods have both reviled and celebrated man's best friend. But is there any truth to these tales? Don't ask the dog, he's keeping his secrets safe!

Supernatural Guard Dogs
Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and metal, forged a bronze dog that slowly came to life under his divine breath. From this dog was born Cerberus, the watchdog of Hades. Cerberus lay chained to the gates of Hades, where he fawned on those who entered and devoured those who tried to escape. He had three heads: a lion, wolf and dog, with a mane of writhing snakes, a dragon's tail and a mastiff's body. The ancient Romans placed a cake in the hands of their dead to pacify Cerberus.
The Icelandic goddess of the dead is Garm, the Dog of Hel. It's said that anyone who fed the needy while on earth will find bread in their hand to bribe Garm for safe passage.
The Avesta, sacred book of Ancient Persia's Zorastrian religion, tells of a rainbow bridge guarded by a yellow-eared dog whose bark drives out the fiend from the souls of the good.

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