Weird Stuff Dogs Eat

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No, boy. Not food. slava, Flickr

Owners fill bowls with nutritious food to keep dogs healthy. So why do dogs eat weird, disgusting and even dangerous stuff?

Dogs use their mouths the way we use our hands. They pick up objects and explore their world by mouthing, tasting, and chewing. That sometimes gets them into trouble if they swallow something they shouldn't.

Eating Grass
As omnivores, dogs benefit from eating vegetables or fruits. Even coyotes and wolves eat vegetable matter found in the stomach of prey, as well as roots, grasses and fruit. Dogs often beg for and enjoy snacks of raw vegetables like lettuce, green beans and carrots.

Most pet dogs occasionally eat grass, which may provide vitamins the dog craves, or it may simply like the taste. Dogs also eat grass to stimulate vomiting when they feel ill. Occasional grazing isn't a cause for concern unless your dog turns it into an obsession or it gnaws poisonous houseplants.

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