How to Introduce Dogs to Babies

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Whether you're an expectant parent or grandparent, a new baby can bring joy into your life. But what does a newborn mean for the animals you've lived with for years?

Dogs used to adults may not recognize babies as the same species. Newborns and toddlers sound scary, smell funny, and seem to evict pets from your lap because they divert a favorite human's attention. Here are tips to help you persuade your dogs to welcome babies as part of their family.

Before the Baby Comes Home
- Prepare in advance. Expectant parents have nine months to get the pets ready for the new arrival. Dogs don't appreciate sudden change so figure out how the baby will affect routine and start with gradual adjustments. For instance, the baby's sleep and feeding schedule probably will impact the dog's playtime, potty and walk schedule.

- Perhaps the nursery room will become off limits. Make changes gradually. Allow pets to investigate and explore rooms and changes so they become the new "normal" and he doesn't feel left out.

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